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VMS IT Services is a software development company headquartered in Canada that specializes in offering personalized technology solutions to companies worldwide. As a mobile and web-based application development company with more than 50 specialized software developments, VMS combines technology expertise, specific field experience and a passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions.

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We offer you a beneficial Service Level Agreements (SLA) that will ensure you a quality service and covering a wide range of maintenance services, troubleshooting and support services. We have put in place a variety of packages giving you the opportunity to choose the services and options you require and receive a customized service. We carry out digital services as well as necessary on site maintenance, troubleshooting and setup services. VMS IT Services is committed to deliver you the highest quality service and seamless work experience, that will save your time and energy, while delivering you the best results. We adjust our services to match your requirements in provided IT services, support services, maintenance services, and troubleshooting. Whether you operate a small business, or require a more detailed and large scale services for your growing business, our solutions are guaranteed to deliver 100% effective results.


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Easy and effective way to get your device repaired.

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We are proud and happy to be working together, and our synergy as a team together with our corporate spirit are great extensions to our professional qualities.

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There are a lot of talented IT specialists in Canada, some with the unique sets of skills. On each meetup, we make presentations on everything topical in the IT sphere.

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Our application developers work within your time zone to allow real-time collaboration and a true “branch location” feel, ensuring full availability during your business hours.

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VMS IT Services helps established businesses of all sizes create software products by delivering unparalleled talent, dedication, and value to provide a seamless and smooth outsourcing experience to customers.

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We'll resolve all of your system issues and diagnose them. 5+ years of practice in the restoration of different kinds of new & outdated equipment..

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