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Cloud Consulting Providers cater to the corporate needs of cloud infrastructure deployment consultations. One of the key benefits of cloud business consulting is to enable companies to choose the right cloud technologies that offer the ideal return on investment in technology. Its advantages include:


The goal of VMS IT Services is to mitigate your internal IT security pressures and ensure that your systems and data are protected by cloud consulting services. Ultimately, this will allow you to put emphasis on moving your company forward.

Problem: Due to emerging cyber threats, it is very difficult for companies to keep their information, operations and business secure. Businesses are safer and more secure with the help of efficient cloud business consulting and cloud protection.

Solution: VMS IT Services is a specialist in the implementation of protection in the real world as we ensure that the organization is secure in order to have access to the right people with the right systems.

Offering: You gain the benefits of cloud versatility, automation, speed, cost-effectiveness and our expertise from leading consultants to help you improve the security of your apps with the cloud computing consulting of VMS IT Services along with cloud application security services.


Cloud networking is a concept that means accessing networking services using Wide Area Networking (WAN) or other Internet-based connectivity technologies from a centralized third-party provider. Cloud networking is a significant category of cloud computing services and marks a big shift in the provision of IT services to consumers.

Problem: There are organizations with high IT costs and low IT efficiency due to the lack of cloud networking caused by the productivity of their employees.

Solution: VMS IT Services offers design patterns for you to connect your Amazon VPC environment to remote networks (such as monitoring, authentication, protection, data, or other systems) by extending your internal networks to the AWS Cloud.

Offering: The cloud consulting team of VMS IT Services is there to help analyze your network and ensure that your systems operate efficiently, including routing and switching needs, data center, networking and management identified by software. Our mission is to ensure the smooth operation of your network to help you concentrate on providing your customers with better goods and/or services.

Backup and Recovery

Data backup mechanism in the event of a failure and the establishment of systems that allow data recovery due to data loss. Copying and archiving of computer data is needed to make it available in the event of data loss or corruption.

Problem: Business data is seen as a driving force for business success and its availability is significant. The issue arises as this information is distributed through clouds and databases, it becomes difficult and expensive to protect legacy data.

Solution: VMS IT Services provides more and more versatile solutions that best suit the data that organizations need to protect than other cloud consulting firms..

Offering: Our professionals handle the entire phase of backup and data restore and another feature in its cap is that it needs no further investment in hardware and software backup. Our educated, skilled and knowledgeable technical staff are there to handle the entire operation.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a service that hosts virtual servers from vast underlying physical web server networks that remove their computing power.

Problem: When a physical server is infected or encounters a problem that obviously hampers its productivity, corporations suffer.

Solution: The cloud storage services of VMS IT Services will let you use another server's physical resources without getting any downtime. In addition, our cloud storage and consulting services are designed to provide you with enhanced ROI along with ultimate versatility & data protection assurance by keeping in mind your IT requirements.

Offering: Cloud storage services for VMS IT services lead to great cost savings as they just have to pay for what they need, and since they can use it at any time, they don't have to pay for extra space.

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