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We convert your needs into the right approach at VMS IT Services, and we have expedited timelines and better customer experiences!


Data recovery

We support a wide range of Medias such as Desktop Hard Disks (3.5-inch & SSD), Laptop Hard Disks (2.5-inch & SSD), USB Devices & Removable Drives, Zip Diskettes, CD, DVD.


Computer repair

We provide computer repair services in Canada at home or at the office and, we offer free consulting with no charges. With our 24/7/365 days per year support.


Mobile Development

Our mobile app development service for Canada and businesses includes user-friendly UX UI design for android advanced mobile, standard mobile app architecture app testing solutions.


Digital Marketing

The current marketing dynamics cannot rely on smoke and mirrors to lure new clients, VMS trusts its own marketing skills and SEO to drive new clients to the website.


Web Development

Our web development services include portal development and the development of PWA (Progressive Web Application) to simplify complexities and streamline business processes.



Enterprise Resource Planning transforms complicated business management systems into user-friendly technology. ERP covers core business functions, including inventory and distribution management.



Cloud computing has dominated the business technology landscape for more than a decade, and VMS IT Services has spent that period perfecting the art of cloud application development.



We build custom enterprise-level CMS solutions that provide mid-to-large-sized companies with scalable, unified platforms to gain optimized visibility and control over their content, data, SEO, and marketing campaigns.

OUR IT Services Process

We consider all your requests and feedback to keep up with the pace and deliver the best possible result.

Regardless of device or site, the company's interactive workspace must have a consumer-like user interface.

Compucom offers technical resources to help businesses with diverse workforces boost business competitiveness.

Our IT support improves teamwork, promotes employee mobility, and reduces costs.


Fast service

Our team of professionals of the industry, take pride in results of their work. We carry out every project to the smallest details and listen and implement all your requirements.


Secure payments

Our work beats not only the quality of the competitors, but we also provide you with competitive pricing that will help you during decision making.


Expert team

We are constantly upgrading our know-how and use the latest technological advancements in our work. Your results will be modern, fit intuitive use.


Affordable services

Stuck with tight deadlines? Our team of professionals will be working tirelessly to deliver you the best results within your time limits, so that you can meet the deadlines for your business.


90 Days warranty

We will help you with implementation, set up, crew training and many other additional software and hardware support that you may need even after the project is finished.


Award winning

Our team of professionals will handle the most time consuming and complex IT support tasks of your company and will ensure a seamless work of the process.

Our Products

We package the products with best services to make you a happy customer.

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Easy and effective way to get your device repaired.

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Laptop Repaired


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Computer Repair

January 16, 2020 ( In Maintenance )

Ever thought of being hated by your computer? Some may think that it is a stupid kind of thing to think right? And the answer is, yes it is true. Computers don’t have a sense of hating, thank god for that or else any machine could have said “you are terminated” or like “I’ll be back”. It is indeed a fact that computer is being built by looking at human behaviour, or we can can say a computer is a super human made by human. So here are some reasons which will force you think that your computer hates you.

Computer Repair

December 10, 2019 ( In Maintenance )

Easy Tips To Computer Repair

Don't worry, this is the best spot in the jar. I'm going to tell you today how easy it is for you to repair your computer. If we talk about issues, there are basically two types of issues, the first is like a hardware issue, and for that I recommend visiting a computer repair near you, and if we talk about the other, it's a software issue.Often we get a kind of error while we're working and doing our office or freelancer job at a really good pace, which just prevents our whole machine running software and then we get a hang computer.

Computer Maintenance

November 20, 2019 ( In Maintenance )

Computer Maintenance 2018

Nowadays, many people are asking for the best tips on computer maintenance on how to keep their computer running smoothly and efficiently, because not everyone is a computer expert. Many blogs and websites giving details have been developed to help ease these concerns. So let's take a look at the top resources of all the months of 2019 that have been invented to keep your machine well maintained and efficient. Here are some guidelines to follow before going to the top maintenance software.

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