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Offer your company a thrust through VMS's Cloud Deployment Services IT Services

Deployment involves all the processes involved in properly operating and running new software or hardware in its environment, such as installation, setup, running, checking, and making appropriate adjustments. Miri's cloud deployment services form an integral part of its cloud services.

Big Data Services

Big Data refers to a vast volume of structured and unstructured data that, much like its name, is broad in nature. Using conventional database and software methods, this type of data is hard to process. In order to process such large quantities of data, an effective ecosystem is required.

There are 4 V's which are fundamentals of the data that is considered under big data:

Hadoop is one of the ecosystems widely used to process it. In various offers involving "spark Mllib", predictive analysis tool" and so on, VMS IT Services provides Big Data consulting services & Hadoop on AWS. Our Big Data consulting services aim to build a roadmap for business leaders to capitalize on big data."

Serverless Computing

Serverless computing refers to a cloud computing execution model in which the server is managed by the cloud provider and computer resource allocation is vigorously achieved.

Serverless computing is largely used because the developer or operator is totally hidden from the server management and power planning decisions. You get to monitor the computer's virtual counterpart.The AWS Lambda framework was used by VMS IT Services to help one of its WYMP customers incorporate their comprehensive Zip Code and World Area Database System for user grouping and searching. It also improved their data collection and backend system efficiency to report and handle each and every data


A service for organizations and citizens to publish a website or web page on the Internet.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) hardware was used by VMS IT Services to connect the Atlanta, GA corporate data center to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). This architecture allowed them to provide a logically isolated part of the AWS Cloud and created a multi-layer enterprise network topology that met the compliance requirements of the organization.In addition, on top of Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC, VMS IT Services set up a highly accessible, software-based VPN solution to address hardware incompatibility problems.


Cloud hosting is a service that hosts virtual servers from vast underlying physical web server networks that remove their computing power.

The Windows server on the cloud platform helps us to run a safe and stable Microsoft program. We deploy active SharePoint solutions on AWSS-hosted windows servers. We have a "Financial Transaction Service for Journals" with active users successfully launched on the market. For academic institutions, FTS for journals is used to simplify their budget transition services. It allows budget transfer from one graph field string to another and pays for services/products received, checked and approved by an Approving Official for another campus department.

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