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DevOps Services

Speed up your DevOps Journey with DevOps Consulting Services from VMS IT Services

DevOps is the synthesis of cultural philosophies, strategies and technologies that maximize the ability of the enterprise to produce high-speed applications and services; create and improve products more rapidly compared to companies utilizing conventional processes of software development and infrastructure management. VMS IT Services aims to provide end-to-end & personalized DevOps solutions & services through DevOps Consulting.

Automated Provisioning

Automated Provisioning is the ability to deploy an information technology service by using pre-defined processes that are carried out remotely without some kind of human interaction.

VMS IT Services automates technology provisioning in such a way that business services can be set up and run faster.
As per the policies you specify, VMS IT Services automatically discovers machines for infrastructure and provisions. We keep the systems running efficiently with much less effort than conventional system management approaches.


As a microservice architecture, the design technique for building a single application as a collection of small services can be named

The microservice structure of VMS IT Services helps to improve efficiency and reliability.
Continuous integration allows the team to provide their customers with updates more easily and regularly.

Continuous Delivery

This refers to a software development practice where code changes are automatically built, tested and prepared for release to production.

VMS IT Services allow your team to automatically develop, test and prepare code changes for release to production to make the delivery of your software more efficient and quicker.
Continuous delivery practices improve the productivity of developers by freeing them from the burden of manual tasks that eventually enable customers to alleviate errors and bugs.


Cloud hosting is a service that hosts virtual servers from vast underlying physical web server networks that remove their computing power.

The Windows server on the cloud platform helps us to run a safe and stable Microsoft program. We deploy active SharePoint solutions on AWSS-hosted windows servers. We have a "Financial Transaction Service for Journals" with active users successfully launched on the market. For academic institutions, FTS for journals is used to simplify their budget transition services. It allows budget transfer from one graph field string to another and pays for services/products received, checked and approved by an Approving Official for another campus department.

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We'll resolve all of your system issues and diagnose them. 5+ years of practice in the restoration of different kinds of new & outdated equipment..

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