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Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning

The art of getting machines to behave without being specifically programmed is machine learning. VMS IT Services provides an enterprise-grade machine learning service for faster construction and implementation of models. Data scientists, who need to process loads of data while maintaining minimum execution time, often apply it. Advanced machine learning applications are provided by VMS IT Services.

These algorithms are capable of producing reliable results with an optimized process of up to 99.9 percent.
"VMS IT Services on the AWS marketplace as an ML product successfully configured under the name "Mahout Machine Learning Algorithms. Mahout's algorithms are written on top of Hadoop, which works well in a distributed setting. To scale efficiently in the cloud, Mahout uses the Apache Hadoop library

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analytics/Advance Analytics is currently the most commonly used and influential technology worldwide. This operates on a predictive model that analyzes the trend and relationship of the data given and predicts the results accordingly.

Most of the recommendation systems are based on this method and up to 99 percent can be precise. VMS IT Services offers a full package of cloud application forecasts, including "Hadoop" ecosystem, R language and RStudio, which are combined to deliver highly accurate performance.

Business Intelligence

BI applications are well received in the market as they efficiently process the information obtained by a company from internal, external or both sources.

The main objective is to predict the ways in which an organization can be motivated to expand. VMS IT Services provides "DataMelt, a 3D framework for numeric computation and data visualization" on AWS for BI. This tool is an interactive platform used to compute numbers, figures, symbolic equations, interpret data and visualize data.

Deep Learning

As for artificial neural networks, deep learning is part of a wider family of machine learning techniques. On the basis of the mission to be carried out, these algorithms train the method in a standardized manner.

This technology is widely applied in the fields of computer vision, speech recognition, processing of natural languages, audio recognition, filtering of social networks, machine translation, bioinformatics, drug design, etc. On the AWS marketplace that is used for real-time data scoring and health care, we have "h2o" configured

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