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Mac Repair Services - MacBook Pro Repair

We specialize in the repair and upgrade all Apple Mac Computers. We can bring a dead MacBook Pro / Retina, MacBook Air back to life. Just call us and we will collect your MacBook from your place, fix it and deliver back to you in on time. We offer same day service for most repairs.

We are experts at fixing all Macs. We have solution for all kind of Apple Mac problems. We are fixing Mac issues like; cracked LCD LED screen, dead battery, logic board repair, liquid or water damage repair, no power, laptop keep shutting down, Mac won’t start up or won’t turn on, Freezing & very slow, Hard Disk connector cable issue, flashing folder with question mark, wi-fi issues, white & grey screen, noisy fan, speaker problems, DC power jack issue, display connector issue, dim display etc.

  • MacBook Pro Repair
  • iMac Repair
  • MacBook Air Repair
  • Mac Upgrade

No Fix No Charge :  guarantee means that if we cannot provide you with a solution to your problem, we will not charge you for our services.


  • Damage Screen Repair / Replacement
  • Trackpad Issues Repair / Replacement
  • Hinges and Broken Parts Repair
  • Adapter and Battery Replacement
  • MacBook Keyboard Problems & Repair
  • MacBook and iMac Logic Board Repair / Replacement
  • Hard Disk & Memory Upgrade


Macbook Water Damage Repair

Apple’s one year limited warranty, which is sold with all new Apple products, doesn’t cover your machine in the event of water damage.


Macbook Air Repair

Our MacBook Air repair service is quicker than the branded alternative. It’s cheaper than the branded alternative.


Mac Hard Drive Replacement

If your data disk dies, don’t assume your laptop has just turned into a hunk of useless metal. Call us, and we’ll solve the problem.


Macbook Battery Replacement

When you buy a MacBook, you buy quality. Unfortunately, the solid build and aluminium case come with a payoff. They aren’t designed to be opened by the owner..


IMac Repair

iMac on the blink? Don’t freak out just yet. Call our iMac repair team. We’ll diagnose, fix, and return your iMac in double-quick time. And we mean double-quick.


Mac Screen Replacement

Our Mac screen replacement service is simple and smart. You call us, we come to you, we take your MacBook away and fit the screen, we bring it back. It’s that easy.

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We'll resolve all of your system issues and diagnose them. 5+ years of practice in the restoration of different kinds of new & outdated equipment..

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